What we offer

SIF offers a lot for their members – you can read about it here

Study trip support

SIF manages N.M. Knudsens Fund in their support for BSc students study trips. The support is indicative 500 DKK per student. When available, SIF may also grant support to engineering students from their own budget.

In 2012 and 2013 SIF support a sum of 99.500 DKK in a study aid.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible for study trip support, you must fulfill the following conditions:
+ The study trip must be relevant to your study programme
+ At least 50% of the students at your semester must be going
+ Support is only be offered to members of SIF and can only be paid once per member per study
+ The board members decide the support sum each semester (indicative sum of 500 DKK)


The deadline for applications are March 1st for trips in the spring semester and October 1st for trips in the autumn semester.

The application has to be emailed to formand@sif.sdu.dk

Download application paper here (In danish)

SIF Rental

As a member of SIF, you are able to rent equipment for your events.

Buy/Sale of used books

Are you looking for books for your next semester? Buy or sell used books on SIF's Facebook group for book sales.